Isinya Feeds

Broiler Starter Crumbs with Coccidiostat

broilerstartercrumbs1 broilerstartercrumbs2 broilerstartercrumbs3

Broiler Finisher Mash with Coccidiostat

broilerfinishermash1 broilerfinishermash2 broilerfinishermash3

Broiler Finisher Pellets with Coccidiostat

broilerfinisherpellets1 broilerfinisherpellets2 broilerfinisherpellets3

Layer Mash

layermash1 layermash2 layermash3

Chick Mash

chickmash1 chickmash2 chickmash3

Rabbit Pellet

rabbitpellet1 rabbitpellet2 rabbitpellet3

Dairy Meal

dairymeal1 dairymeal2 dairymeal3

Pig Finishing Meal

pigfinishing1 pigfinishing2 pigfinishing3

Growers Mash with Coccidiostat

growersmash1 growersmash2 growersmash3

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Isinya Feeds Limited,
P.O BOX 18138-00500
Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: (+254) 20 2338172 or
(+254) 612303962
Mobile: +254723 004289

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